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Can you really buy a Minecraft server for $5??

The answer is – Yes!! This month we review the most absolute dirt-cheap hosting plans and deals available to you. Now at this end of the price spectrum you’re not exactly going to host your own 500 person Minecraft Olympics – BUT what better way to get your hands dirty and dig into some awesome new worlds THAT YOU OWN … for a measly sum of 5 bucks and change! Five bucks is really pocket change, what better excuse to at least try your hand by renting your own server?

Check out our selection below, if you know of anyone offering better/cheaper plans, let us know!!

Absolute cheapest Minecraft plans – $5 per month value
Red Ranger
GameServersGameServers.com TreePuncherTreepuncher
server offline ūüôĀ Sheep¬†Plan
[BNsheep]/ month
Basic Plan
[G1]/ month
5-dollar Plan
$5.00/ month
Tree Puncher
RAM 256MB 384 256MB 300MB
Max. Players 6 12 4 5
Refund Guarantee 5-day 7-days 5-day 7-day
Add-ons included included includedFree Dedicated IP included

The list of hosts running plans at this low price level is small, but growing. What we have put together is a selection of our recommendations for reliable, good value shared hosting at the 5 dollar mark. Red Ranger, Beastnode, Gameservers.com, TreePuncher, DaddyCheese.com, Craftnode, and Servercraft round out our list. The new addition to our list is the fabulous new host CraftNode who are smashing prices and adding great value to what you can get at this price! To add to this, GameServers have recently dropped their prices, now offering 25% discount on all plans.

Indeed, if you’re looking to buy Minecraft hosting or rent a server then looking through our recommendations is a wise place to start your journey
We will be keeping this list updated. Please drop us a line and recommend some other plans or leave reviews!

Now get dirty and dig!

Get Minecraft, get busy

– Brian.


More Cheap Minecraft Hosting!

Let us help you find the cheapest hosting for your world!

We scour the net every week looking for updates… here are the latest additions to our database… if you can’t find what you are looking for don’t forget to check out our popular list of Cheap Servers under $10.

For around $10 a month you can get a decent amount of RAM, up to 768MB in some cases, and around 5-10 slots (for players). This is a good starting point, something to get you a real taste of what you can do when you’re the boss of your own server. Dive in and play around, and then when you’re in the mood for better server power or more hosting you can upgrade when you need to. Get a bit crazy and dig and then invite your friends to come dig around with you.

Cheap Minecraft server hosting – $10/month and under!
FragNETFragNET GameServersGameServers.com Multi-Minecraft
536 Plan
$13.10/ month
4-player Plan
[G1]/ month
ZSuper Host
Water Plan
$6.99/ month
Wolf Plan
[BNwolf]/ month
RAM 536MB 256MB 512MB 512MB
Max. Players 12 4 6 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day n/a
Add-ons included included+Dedicated IP included included
Rating cheap!
Happy mining! Look out for more of our lists,

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Welcome to BestMinecraftHosts.co!

Welcome to our site,
we are building the best site on the web to help you find the perfect Minecraft Hosting provider!

We keep a huge updated list of all the best hosts, please go ahead and check it out, click on a link below, or read more of our posts

Cheapest Minecraft Hosting

Best Hosting Providers in your country

Minecraft Promo Codes and Coupons

If there is something else you would like to see on this site please let us know!


Premium hosting for Minecraft at budget prices… we separate the best from the rest

For around $40 a month, you can start to get some really great Minecraft hosting solutions. The difference between the cheap hosting and the premium hosting is all based on the total amount of RAM you get on your server, and the amount of maximum players you can have. These are inter-connected. More players = higher RAM requirement. If you start to get a little bit over-serious about your Minecraft, then you might want to look at dedicated servers. Take a look at the pick of the choices below

Minecraft Server Hosts under $40/month
FragNET Treepuncher Redstone GameServersGameServers.com
40 Player Plan $39.65/ month  36 Plan $36.00/ month  Adventure Tier $38.95/ month Level 7 Plan $34.95/ month  
RAM 2048MB n/a 3686MB 1792MB
Max. Players 40 36 80 28
Refund Guarantee n/a 7-day 48 hour 5-day
Add-ons included included included included

Apart from that, your features, support, add-ons, mods, voice enabled chat, etc, will all be the same across most of the Minecraft hosts. The real benefit of the $40 price mark is that at that level, you can start to build a really awesome Minecraft world and get a good community going, because generally you’ll be looking at having 30+ players on your server. This is the service to go for if you wanted to get your crew of 20+ engineers building the full scale replica of the Imperial Star Destroyer on your world! ūüôā We have more reviews and comparisons coming up in the next few days/weeks ūüôā If you want something cheaper, check out the best minecraft hosting servers for under $15/month here


Best Minecraft Server Hosting Packages under $15

At around $15 a month, you can get some really great value for your money. It is a good starting point to get a small server going, invite your friends, and play some small games. Don’t underestimate it though, with 8-10 players you can create some truly awesome worlds. The really surprising thing is that there are even plans going for under $10 a month! We will be putting together that list soon!

For now, check out this list of Minecraft servers all under $15/month

Minecraft Server Hosts under $15/month
Red RangerRedRanger GameServers
FragNETFragNET MossyCobble
Level 3 Plan
server offline
RedRanger Hosting
Level 4 Plan
[G4]/ month
Redstone Tier
$12.95/ month
FragNET1 Plan
$13.27/ month
Zombie Plan
$14.99/ month
RAM 768MB 1024 840MB 536MB 750MB
Max. Players 18 16 16 12 15
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day 48 hour n/a 7-day
Add-ons included included included included included

Good luck, keep sending us your feedback on how good your hosting plans are, and we will keep growing our list of the best Minecraft hosting servers on the net!

Look out for more of our lists,

Thanks, enjoying all your feedback ūüôā

– Brian.

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The Best Mid-Range Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosts for 2012…

Let’s compare the best choices this year, here’s the 4 that are easily the most popular for our blog readers

Minecraft Hosting Packages
FragNET Beastnode Redstone MossyCobble
More infoFragNET More info More info More infoMossy Cobble Hosting
RAM 1 GB  1 GB 840MB 756MB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 100MBit/s 100MBit/s
Max Players/Slots 1-25 1-30 1-16 1-10
Price (USD) $19.67/month [BNspider]/month $12.95/month $14.99/month

Want cheaper?

Click here for our review of the best minecraft server packages under $15

Meanwhile we are building on our complete list of servers, soon you can check out the entire list of more than 20 hosts, to compare the best hosts and see which plan is right for you. All the way from basic plans up to deluxe packages. More info coming soon.

What do you think? Who is your favourite Minecraft server host?



Finding the Right Minecraft Server Host

Looking to find a way to enjoy the fun of one of your favorite games in Minecraft multiplayer service?  The best option is definitely to try and find a server hosting company, instead of risking the headaches, meltdowns, and estranged friendships by trying to run a server all on your own. If you have decided to take the plunge and look for a server hosting company, you might feel a bit in the dark about where to start, or at least have questions on what you should look for. Here is an easy, no-headache way to find the perfect cheap Minecraft server hosting company you need.

To kick things off, we’ve done the research for you and found the cheapest hosting plans available today.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Options for Customer Support

While there are many varying types of price and size in packages for hosting companies, there are several tips to take into consideration to try and avoid getting a bum deal with a less than reputable Minecraft server host.Before going into anything, ask yourself which types of features and other specifications are most important, and which aspects you could do without. Some important features are more obvious than others: you should of course make sure that you are working with a company that has an excellent customer support reputation, whether through providing live phone lines for tech support, forums, and FAQ pages, among many other support vehicles. It is always important to feel like your concerns are quickly and effectively addressed, and that you are not just a number.

Pick a smart location

Another very important factor to keep in mind for a Minecraft server host is to know where in the world the company’s server is located. Huge differences in geography could lead to unexpected complications in gameplay. If your company is in another country, ping times can become excessively long, which in turn creates a lag time. It may seem like common sense, but the closer the company’s city, the better likelihood of having a great, successful Minecraft experience.

Pick a Price in Your Range

This also might sound like common sense, but it is still worth mentioning. Compare prices of Minecraft hosting companies, make sure the features you want are features that are listed, and try and read reviews for hosts as extensively as you can. The last thing you’d want is to be tied into a scam before it was too late to back out, so be smart about weighing your options.

Check Out Your Potential Options

Customer reviews and testimonials have listed these two servers as some of the best available. Maybe they could be perfect for you: Gameservers.com offers a wide variety of plans, some being as cheap as $4.95 a month. Although they set a limit at 4 players, this is a great potential Minecraft dedicated server to look into, as it also provides 256 mb of memory and McMyAdmin, which is famous for being the most recommended, and most popular server control panel for the game.

If you keep your wits about you, and make sure to think about the traits and features that you need the most (or the least), you will discover just how many server hosting options are right for your, and will be guaranteed to have a positive experience in finding a server hosting company for your Minecraft multiplayer party. Which, best of all, ensures you will have a great time online with your friends. If you find yourself lost for hours in a game with your friends, you can consider your server hosting selection process a success.


The rapid success of Minecraft has given gamers everywhere a hunger to explore, whether that means creating space, breaking the rules of physics (what, you mean you don’t know how to fly?), or just good old fashioned killing of pixellated monsters. Because of its rapidly expanding popularity, multiplayer gameplay makes this ridiculously fun game even more enjoyable, but if you want to find and set up a server for the game, there are a couple hoops to jump through first. Here are some ideas on what you can do to fulfill your dreams and host your own online Minecraft multiplayer server.

Before you get started, you may want to consider checking out our 5 favourite minecraft hosting deals at the moment.

Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting

Hosting your own Minecraft server

While it seems like it would be easier and more common sense just to host your own Minecraft server on your PC, the process takes up a lot of space on bandwidth, RAM, and CPU. Even if you are blessed to have a strong CPU and enough RAM, you will likely hit another brick wall with your internet connection, in that it probably cannot handle the speed you need to let more than a few players on at a time. And nothing sucks the fun out of a computer game like lag time.

Choosing a Minecraft Hosting Service

But fear not, there are still plenty of options you can take for obtaining a Minecraft server- just use an already established Minecraft hosting service. The benefits here are almost too many to list- the server is built to handle a large amount of activity, uptime improvement, and the internet connections of many companies are extremely fast.

The large improvement on the quality of uptime, or the percentage of time that is spent online by the server, is one of the hugest perks of renting from an established server, as it would be completely different if you were running your own. In maintaining one’s own server, the host computer needs to be turned on and connected to the internet at all times, or else the server cannot be used. But what if you, the host, have an unsteady internet connection, or you have an old computer that is not known for a great performance track record? This could lead to overheating, which leads to stress, until everyone you were supposed to be enjoying Minecraft is walking on eggshells to keep from leading you and your computer into a total meltdown. Not the fun online party you envisioned, right?

In owning your own Minecraft server host, you also need to have a larger understanding on how to network computers than the average bear, and even then you still run the risk of facing some serious complications. With a company that is specifically dedicated to hosting these types of servers, you are guaranteed smooth gameplay on whatever day or time you choose, with near perfect uptimes, and perhaps best of all, you don’t need to give yourself a migraine studying complicated techniques on computer networking.

Although it might seem like the ‘American dream’ to be able to do everything you want on your own, in the case of cheap Minecraft server hosting, you will definitely be better off finding a company to do the hosting for you. Don’t fear the cost, many companies offer these kinds of services for cheap, and the options they provide are essential to having a good time having a Minecraft party with your friends. A Minecraft server hosting provider will give you a strong server whenever you want it, and best of all, it will ensure your peace of mind when gameplay comes around. Which will of course improve the fun of your gaming party, which will keep your friends at ease. So it ultimately boils down to: hire a good Minecraft dedicated server (or shared server), and keep your gamer friends.


The Best Minecraft Server Hosts for 2014…

The Best Mid-Range Minecraft Server Hosts for 2014…

Let’s compare the best choices this year, here’s the 4 that are ranked as¬†the highest rated¬†for our blog readers

Minecraft Hosting Packages
CraftNode Beastnode GameServers MossyCobble
More infoCraftNode More info More info More infoMossy Cobble Hosting
RAM 1 GB  1 GB 768MB 756MB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 100MBit/s 100MBit/s
Max Players/Slots 1-25 1-30 1-12 1-10
Price (USD) [C2]/month [BNspider]/month [G3]/month $14.99/month

Want cheaper?

Click here for our review of the best minecraft server packages under $15

Meanwhile we are building on our complete list of servers, soon you can check out the entire list of more than 20 hosts, to compare the best hosts and see which plan is right for you. All the way from basic plans up to deluxe packages. More info coming soon.

What do you think? Who is your favourite Minecraft server host?



Craftnode Hosting Introduction

It’s been a while since we originally went over the offerings from the friendly folks at CraftNode, (back in late 2012) they were¬†one of the latecomers into the server hosting market but they definitely made a big impact with their customized offerings, low prices, and very thorough¬†support staff.CraftNode Logo

What’s New?

Since we last checked them out they have changed their logo (check it out), increased their staff numbers, server count, and improved server locations, as well as really beefing up the security and features in their offerings.

(If you’re in a rush you¬†can¬†check¬†out¬†their homepage¬†and deals here — otherwise, keep reading!)

How’s the performance?

The servers for CraftNode run very smoothly and the hardware is as good as they come ranking up there with the top server metal in the market. You will get to play games on servers that (importantly) do not keep stalling, are easily set up and secure as well. You will be able to choose the location for your server affording you the best gaming experience wherever you are, in the EU, USA, Canada Australia or Asia. There are even 3 server locations in Africa! (Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal) So if you ever find yourself on Minecraft-Safari you will be working with low lag times.

On the other hand if you decide to change locations, you will be able to alter your server location in seconds and also be in control of your server with just a touch of a button. Your current server can be saved and games switched at mid-billing cycle with just the touch of a knob. These are part of the developments and technical innovations that are in place and upcoming at CraftNode Hosting.

Current Plans and Pricing

At this point we can look at the new pricing tiers and mention the free features and benefits you get with your plans

  • Free subdomain/website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free 45-day Enjin trial
CraftNode Minecraft plans
CraftNodeCraftNode CraftNode
[C1]/ month   [C2]/ month  [C3]/ month 
RAM 512MB 1024MB 2048MB
Max. Players unlimited unlimited unlimited
Refund Guarantee 48hr 48hr 48hr
Add-ons included Free Setup included 24/7 Support included TeamSpeak enabled included Free setup included 24/7 Support included TeamSpeak enabled included Free Setup included 24/7 Support included TeamSpeak enabled
Value Rating

The Customer Experience

Further steps to make the gaming and hosting experience smoother come with the connection of all the servers through premium bandwidth providers so that clients in the US and Canada can get optimal routing, a fast response and the lowest latency. You will get an email with details once your order is completed and your server automatically created. (PS Be sure to look in the spam/junk folders for the details as well just in case they end up there as happened with one of our accounts.)

Good hardware allows you to have a great gaming experience and it is in this that the folks at CraftNode take pride in offering servers built with Inter Xeon processors, beefy memory and large-pipe network connections. Solid state hard drives are also part of the package, which means your world and settings loads and caches extremely smoothly.

Tech Support

Everyone knows the importance of having someone to run to incase of a problem and armed with an extensive knowledgebase collection and warm staff (ask for Jon he  has helped us many times with very noob questions) you can be sure that CraftNode will be available for you 24/7. You do not have to deal with unnecessary interruptions to your gaming experience since the hitch will be sorted out for you.

Obviously when playing you¬†don’t want anything to interrupt your gaming experience taking the fun out of it therefore CraftNode has gone an extra step to protect you from DOS and DDOS kind of attacks. The well-being of your server is in good hands with CraftNode having come up with advanced DDOS thwarting technology to all the customers at no extra cost. This is certainly a good thing. You can even upgrade in case you need more protection.

There are two different types of hosting package to choose from going by your needs. Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The Shared hosting comes in at extremely good value starting at $5.99/month. Dedicated servers are for the more hardcore amongst us and start at around $179.99/month.

CraftNode also has an above 98% customer satisfaction rating which is proof of the good services that they offer as well as good value for very competitive prices.

The Wrap UpCraftNode hosting

Since we last checked in, many customers have made the switch, including people who were burnt by some of the smaller hosts and hosts that went bust (like Shard/DaddyCheese, RedRanger, and others) and are now using CraftNode Hosting to be able to enjoy an awesome gaming experience. So we are equally inclined to continue to recommend their services, although there are still cheaper and smaller niche companies out there, I think the last 2 years has shown us that you are better off using the people who understand customer needs and go out of their way to make your Minecraft fantasy come true.

Final Word

If you want hosting that gets your sites and servers¬†running great without any delay, that comes with a wide selection of packages to choose from, and offers reliable support, then you should definitely¬†check out CraftNode as this is one hosting company that has sorted itself out and is now offering the “Rolls Royce” experience at the Corolla price. The fantastic support is a great magnet to their services as is the pricing that is attractive to anyone comparing for or looking¬†for a great server host.

Try it out, ask for a demo or trial server account and you will be very pleased.

Minecraft hosting Plans starting from $5.99 @ CraftNode

РBrian D.


Dedicated vs Shared hosting

Online Gaming: Dedicated hosting vs. Shared hosting

If you are thinking of setting up a server for your personal use, there will come a time when you ask what the difference between getting a dedicated host versus shared hosting is. There are many ways to explain the difference, but most of the time the mumbo jumbo and sales-talk makes things hard to understand. The key points you have to remember between the two different hosting plan types is actually very simple.

Dedicated hosting means that you control the entire server. You are the only one that has access to the full power and speed that the server is capable of. The reason behind getting a dedicated host to run the game is to reduce the amount of lag that your players will encounter and also to give you more power to control game settings. The reason for this is that you will be the only person using the server, the CPU power, the RAM and the hard-disk. You have *exclusive access* to the server and hence you don’t have to share these resources with other people who are running a game on your server. This gives players a better gaming experience and in turn increases the amount of people that will be attracted to play on your server.

Shared hosting means that you have rights to the server, but you are not the only person that is using it. Think about a computer that is being shared among five people, everyone has the right to do what they want to on the computer. However, since five people are simultaneously using the computer, the speed and resource of the computer will have to be split among them. Although the price that you are paying for shared hosting is cheaper compared to a dedicated host, problems may arise if one of the people using the server is ‘hogging’ resources, making it harder for the other games to run smoothly.

The main benefit of shared hosting is that it is affordable, hosting plans start from $5.95 here

World and file security is something that is very important for most dedicated Minecrafters, and the minute that a server is griefed or hacked the server experience will start to spiral downhill. Having a dedicated server with direct operating system access can give you enhanced security. The significant difference between both types will be price. A dedicated host will be more expensive, but you have better security, and you will have the full power that the server is capable of. Shared hosting is cheaper, but since you are sharing the server, security may be a concern and you will be fighting for resources. Obviously shared hosting can differ from one provider to another, and on many of the higher quality shared hosts that have resource control you will often never notice that you are on a shared host.

Dedicated Server And Shared Server: Definition, Benefits, And Drawbacks

When setting up a web site or any other business on the Internet, an individual will need to select whether or not they ought to use a shared hosting or a dedicated hosting. These two types of web hosting propose unique benefits as well as cost considerations for clients.

A shared server basically hosts a variety of services on a single rack or computer. This machine uses a set of resources such as the power of the processor (CPU) and the bandwidth that are propagated around all the other web sites that are stored on the server. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows a customer to have all the data of their web site, Minecraft service, files, and more, on their own server. Since the resources of the server are not spread across a number of other small web sites, Minecraft games servers, file servers and more, a dedicated server has the ability to supply higher speed for the individuals who wish to log on to the server and play.

From a cost analysis point of view, using a shared server is a significantly more affordable option than employing a dedicated hosting provider is. Indeed, the cost of a shared server is based on providing access to many users at the same time, and maintaining a delicate balance between hosting too many services on one server and reducing performance, versus maximizing efficiency by cramming as many users as possible on the same server (within reason). Shared hosting is particularly interesting for startups since they typically have budget constraints. On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers more freedom, flexibility, and speed to the customer but requires a high investment amount. For instance, when hosting a game or application on the web through a dedicated server, a company shall be able to not only select the rules that all the game participants will be required to follow but also develop the administrative accounts for the server. Things such as the restrictions on the maximum speed can easily be a game changer when trying to draw users to play a video game on the Internet.

We have our list of recommended dedicated hosting providers here


Bukkit and Tekkit Minecraft Server Hosting

Bukkit and Tekkit: Expanding Possibilities

Having the platform and freedom to create any type of game environment imaginable is a tempting notion, and it is attainable by buying a Minecraft server or purchasing a hosting plan. The right server configuration affords a Minecraft administrator the means to fulfill a personal vision for how the game can be played. Hosting also gives the admin the resources of a data center, which means professional care of the server, guaranteed uptime and consistent connectivity. A quality hosting arrangement means ultimate control without the hassles or upkeep of a home server. When making server hosting decisions and preparing for setup, a few key considerations can smooth the way.

Click here for our recommended list of bukkit + tekkit supporting hosts

Easy Management 



A control panel is one of the first things to consider when undertaking a server configuration. It makes Minecraft management fast and easy, taking the guesswork out of many administrative tasks. Plugin installation, user management and scheduled events such as restarts are handled with a few clicks. Control panels typically come standard in a Minecraft hosting package, but admins with home servers must obtain and install their own. Home server admins often must pay for the control panels, as well, depending on the needs of the desired system.

Deciding Between Vanilla, Bukkit and Tekkit

Host Shopping ConsiderationsThe original Minecraft server, often called Vanilla, is a good choice for those who prefer a classic experience with few modifications. Precautions such as whitelisting should be considered, however, as security is a common concern with players on Vanilla servers. For those who enjoy more features and plugins, Bukkit is the frequent choice when preparing for a Minecraft server setup. It allows admins to extend the boundaries of potential for worlds created in the game environment. Tekkit, the complex machinery mod pack, is generally the preferred server for those seeking an emphasis on building and engineering. Possibilities such as constructing oil refineries and nuclear reactors in a game environment bring many admins and players to Tekkit.

Having in mind the server version to run, an admin must begin the search for a host. Although many Minecraft hosts are increasingly adept with all popular versions, it is nonetheless worth investigating whether prospective hosts specialize in a particular version or offer support for the version in mind. To get an idea of the hosts’ capabilities, it is helpful to check their FAQ or Knowledgebase sections to see what they say about specific plugins and mods that are desired for the installation in mind. A host’s instructions can indicate how easy it will be to perform specific tasks that are required for a preferred server environment.

Also carefully compare the specifications and resources available on the various server plans offered by different hosts. The best deal when purchasing Minecraft server hosting is usually the one that provides a good value for the specific resources the admin anticipates will be needed. For example, if intended plugins and extras are known to require a specific amount of RAM to run optimally, then that resource is one to closely examine across hosts. Also keep in mind the number of player slots that are expected to be required. Some hosts impose slot limits per hosting plan, but other hosts only recommend player slot limits per plan.


Cheap Minecraft server hosting is certainly possible, but wise selections are also important when hoping to buy the best combination of resources. If shopping for more expensive plans because the budget is not a significant concern, it is nevertheless a good idea to review what customers can expect to get for the money. That is the best way to ensure the price tag is worth the resources and perks included. Specials, coupons and diligence can also help with the search for the best host to fulfill a specific gaming vision. Once setup and ready to go, the Minecraft server admin’s only real obstacle is imagination.

Starting from around $10 we have picked out some cheap plans + great hosts for you to review.


A brief history of Minecraft

…or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the block”

It is now April 2014 and in a few short years the Minecraft game has become a global phenomenon! This¬†survival game spins around placing, crafting, and breaking blocks in a randomly generated world. In its 3D world users build various creations out of cubes. It doesn‚Äôt merely stop there, as more activities are allowed such as gathering resources, combat, crafting techniques and various modes of exploration. Initially users created structures to give protection against nighttime monsters and mobs which grew into more inventive creatures. Minecraft is divided into two game modes that are split into ‚Äúcreative‚ÄĚ and the ‚Äúsurvival‚ÄĚ style.¬†

If you prefer a peaceful environment and wish to avoid enemies, then you should choose the creative mode. This will let you draw out blocks of various shapes and sizes giving you infinite resources to create enormous structures. If you thrive off danger and must create to survive then you probably will enjoy the¬†game in ‚Äúsurvival‚ÄĚ mode. When you play the game in this fashion you must protect yourself from mobs of monsters who try to gobble up your bones one element at a time.

Minecraft originalThis popular game originated as a sandbox independent game (games created by individuals without a game publisher or financial backing). Minecraft was developed by Markus ‚ÄúNotch‚ÄĚ Persson, a Swedish computer programmer. Later the game was published and advanced by the Swedish independent video game creator company Mojang. This was launched as an alpha version in its development for a PC in May of 2009.

After a few updates the game grew into an Android version in October 2011, followed by a full release variation in November. Next fans saw the iOS style (the mobile operating system that was developed by Apple, available on iPhone and iPad).

The development of Minecraft has been tweaked for many different systems and all versions offer periodic updates. In the spring of 2012, Xbox 360 offered the game by way of the Xbox Live Arcade game which was created by the 4J Studios. In 2014 Playstation 4 will offer this game, with the port managed by 4J Studios.

The development of Minecraft’s user base is quite versatile. Since games such as this actually have no particular age group that play, children as young as five years old have been known to play. The average game player is 12 years old and up. There is no age limit! However young children seem to be able to grasp it quite easily. This is possibly so since small children constantly learn and adapt to their surrounds, so they accept the unknown, making them comfortable to find things out by themselves. Minecraft is also not as violent as other games and it seems to be played by both girls and boys. This game is also being used by some U.S. schools to help students learn science and math.

In January 2011, sales of Minecraft surpassed one million purchases (right after it entered its beta point). During this time the game received no commercial advertising and it had no publisher to back it up. It received much of its success due to simple word of mouth and the web comic Penny Arcade. Within hours of the Xbox 360 release, its sales broke all previous records by seeing 400,000 on-line game players. Minecraft saw its registered users surpass 100 million; it sold over 14 million PC copies and more than 35 million copies across all versions in February 2014.

Along with its huge popularity, Minecraft also has initiated some noteworthy events. MineCon is an annual convention so fans of this game can gather together. The first one to be held was in November 2011 at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel and its 4,500 tickets sold out. This gathering provided guests with Minecraft’s official introduction, along with special guests (including Markus Persson), commemorative merchandise to purchase, building contests, exhibits and a chance to obtain autographs and photos with contributors from various Minecraft communities and employees of Mojang. More noteworthy events surrounding Minecraft was in 2012 when it became the sixth best-selling game for a PC ever.

We will continue to follow the development and amazing growth trajectory of this game that we know and love.


Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies in 2013

Choosing the right hosting provider is an important step for game enthusiasts who want to host their own Minecraft environment. The search can be daunting, as it requires an exploration of pricing, server features, player slots and customer support. Amidst a number of companies offering hosting services for players, there are some definite standouts that can meet Minecraft gaming customers’ needs.

HostHorde (http://www.hosthorde.com)

HostHorde is an option those on a budget might consider, as the pricing is competitive. Packages begin at $7.95 per month, and while that is not the lowest monthly fee in the market for entry level plans, their Unlimited package is only $24.95 per month. Those who value the prospect of unlimited RAM, player slots, storage and bandwidth might be tempted by this package. The drawback to consider is the company’s live chat support being limited to specific Mountain Standard Time business hours. Otherwise, the support response time via trouble ticket is listed as one business day.

CubedHost (https://cubedhost.org/)

This company boasts name recognition with Minecraft players, access to Multicraft Control Panel, instant setup and 24/7 support. Additionally, they guarantee high quality, dependable HDDs and backups that run twice daily. Dedicated IPs are available with 1 GB plans and up, allowing access to the default port. Smaller plans, however, must run on shared IP addresses, meaning manual entry of the designated port number.

Packages begin at $3 per month for 256 MBs of RAM and 2 player slots. A plan with 4 GBs costs $64 per month. A full 8 GBs will cost a customer $108 per month. This company also offers full dedicated servers from $118 to $368 per month, depending on server specifications.

Beastnode (http://www.beastnode.com)

Beastnode aims to balance affordability with high quality, promising only high end Xeon servers and all SSDs in their server configurations. The company also provides DDoS mitigation and 24/7 support for customers. The website design is somewhat cluttered, though, and it can take some time to locate just the plan you want.

Packages are based on RAM, as is most common. Prices range from $4.49 to $51.95 per month, for 256 MBs to 4 GB.

Fragnet (http://www.fragnet.net/)

FragNet specializes in gaming servers of a wide variety, including Minecraft. All of their Minecraft server packages include a MySQL database, a dedicated IP and a subdomain. Their broad gaming technology experience and their emphasis on support give them an edge in quality, but Minecraft customers might miss the lack of dedication to their specific game.

The recommended beginning configuration is $15.84 per month for a 1 GB package. A plan with 4 GBs of RAM costs $59.40 per month. The company also offers plans with progressively more RAM, up to 12 GBs for $217.80 per month.

MCProHosting (https://mcprohosting.com/)

MCProHosting customers benefit from a selection of plans tiered by the number of recommended players, to help customers choose a plan with resources suitable for their needs. This design for plan selection aids in preventing overbuying, wherein a customer pays for resources that are not truly needed. One of the drawbacks with this company is the lack of a dedicated IP address, resulting in the need to enter the account’s designated port number.

There is a discount for paying in advance, and the company prides itself on its support. Plans begin at $2.50 per month for a recommended 5 players, and go up to $79.99 for unlimited players.

The best host for a Minecraft gaming environment will naturally depend on the customer’s specific needs. Common factors to consider include required player slots and customer support availability. For those building complex worlds that require more memory to run optimally, RAM is another crucial factor. Customers will then balance those needs with pricing considerations.



CraftNode Hosting Review

Let’s check out the new plans from Craftnode

CraftNode Hosting is a fairly new name in the Minecraft world, in fact I think they have only been online for less than a year. A lot of the smaller hosts come and go, and for that reason I am often wary of recommending their services, but something about CraftNode has really grabbed my attention:

They have a 99% customer satisfaction rating

Which honestly seems ridiculous but when you look at it closer, it actually makes sense. They provide 24/7 support, and when they say that, they actually mean it. It is rare to find a host who lives up to all their promises, let alone hype. But CraftNode have actually demonstrated real commitment to their customers and look like they will be in it for the long haul! And for that, I can’t help but recommend them, and for that reason I wanted to put up this extended review.

But what about their prices and features?
Well this is where it gets even more interesting because they’ve actually blown the lid off prices and features of the standard Minecraft plan, so now you can get some SERIOUSLY good value at extremely low prices. And to top it off with a cherry, you’re getting DOUBLE the RAM you normally get. Let’s check it out starting with the standard plan around $10/month.

CraftNode Minecraft plans
Chicken Plan
[C2]/ month
Level 2 Plan
[G2]/ month
Cow Plan
$10.95/ month
RAM 1024MB 512MB 768MB
Max. Players 30 8 24
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day 5-day
Add-ons included Free Setup
included 24/7 Support
included TeamSpeak enabled
included Free Dedicated IP
included Free Website
included Daily Backups
included 5GB SSD Space
included Free Mumble
included Free Subdomain

Final Scores

CraftNode 92%  thumbsup  Winner

 84% thumbsdown 2nd Place

GameServers.com 76% thumbsdown 3rd Place

So we line all our ducks up and what do we get? 3 great plans at 3 very competitive prices from, to be brutally honest, 3 of the finest hosts currently in the game. But we can see that one of them, the newcomer CraftNode, clearly stands out.

In terms of value for money, CraftNode is clearly the winner, offering us the most RAM, the most slots, for a very competitive price.
Over on the Gameservers side we get a marginally cheaper plan, some slightly different features, but less RAM and fewer slots. Beastnode¬†sits in the middle, but still doesn’t quite meet the value for money that we get with the CraftNode plan.


So it seems a bit of a toss up between what you want, in truth the best thing to do is to investigate (as we have done) look at the features that you want, think about what you need, and then weigh up the cost/value of getting things like true 24/7 support, Instant set-up, and fast ping times, and of course feel free to get in touch with the hosts we have mentioned, and see what they’re like for yourself ūüôā The reason we like to promote a lot of high quality smaller hosts is because you simply get a better service, they treat you well and give you ‘special treatment’ that makes it all the more worthwhile, plus you are getting good value for money and quality servers.

Well, that’s all there is to it, any questions feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment, please keep sending me your feedback as that is obviously really important as to how we put these articles together and calculate scores.

Best wishes to all!


Servercraft.co hosting review

Servercraft has built a reputation as one of the big players in Minecraft hosting, dominating so much of the hosting space with their popular servers, advertising and high quality products. When it comes to Minecraft hosting, it is probably the first name that comes to mind, in fact if you do a Google search for anything related to MC the chances are you will come up with a Servercraft website or a BMH site, their influence extends very far and to most people Servercraft are synonymous with high quality gaming experiences and reliability.

But how do their plans compare against some of the lesser known hosts? Today, we find out.
Let’s start off by looking at some basic entry level plans under $10/month. We start off by comparing the plans to similar offerings from¬†Gameservers¬†and¬†CraftNode

Servercraft.co Minecraft plans
Tier 1
$7.99/ month
Basic Plan
[G1]/ month
Egg Plan
[C1]/ month
RAM 300MB 256MB 512MB
Max. Players 5 4 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day
Add-ons includedFTP Access
included24/7 Support
included Dedicated IP
included FREE Website
included Daily Backups
included 24/7 Support
included Free Setup

Final Scores

CraftNode 92%  thumbsup

GameServers.com 88% thumbsup

Servercraft.co 49% thumbsdown

We can see that we get a cheaper service with Gameservers, and CraftNode. That comes as no surprise, Servercraft charges a premium for their reputation and quality. But are you getting value for money?

If we look to the CraftNode plan which saves us an extra $2 per month, we get nearly DOUBLE the RAM and TRIPLE the players! Plus we get equally good 24/7 support as well as more features for our dollar!

Over on the Gameservers side we not only get the plan at almost half the price, but we get MORE features and almost the same amount of Slots and RAM… which more than makes up for the 1 less player and slightly less RAM that we receive.


In terms of value for money and features, it definitely would benefit the average Minecraft player looking for server hosting to shop around and see what sort of value is out there! As you can see by our article, we spent a bit of time looking over some similar plans and found not only huge cost savings but also more features and better performance!

Happy times and good luck to all.


Buy a Minecraft Server

How To Find And Buy Your Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is a game that allows you to build your own world by sculpting the landscape to make it exactly how you want it to be. As the legions of fans of the game grows worldwide, everyone is looking to play and start up their own massive world. Whether you are playing in Survival mode or the classic Creative (Free) mode, running around building towers, mining ore, discovering new areas; is all fun, but it can sometimes become lonely. What is the solution to your loneliness in such an amazing game?

If you are interested in buying a minecraft server, then here are the top 4 choices on the net right now.

Minecraft Hosting – choose the best to suit your needs
FragNETFragNET GameServersGameServers.com CraftNodeCraftNode MossyCobble
Plans from
$13.10/ month
Plans from
[G1]/ month
Plans from
[C1]/ month
Plans from
$14.95 /monthMossy Cobble Hosting
Dedicated IP includedFREE
Other Features
  • MCMyAdmin
  • DynMap
  • MCMyAdmin
  • FREE Website
  • Daily Backups
  • 24×7 Support
  • Pre-installation
  • TeamSpeak
Refund n/a included5 day included5 day included7 day


A lot of players don’t actually know it, but Minecraft can be played in a multiplayer mode as well. However, Minecraft is not free to play in multiplayer because it requires the use of a server so that your friends can connect to the same world as you. This may seem very confusing, so let’s simplify it a bit and show you how you can get a server of your own so that you can start playing Minecraft with your friends.


Servers are how you are going to be connecting to your friends through Minecraft. They will allow you to play with other people, although they do have a limit as to how many players can be on at any single time. This doesn’t have to be a big problem though, as they can usually hold more than enough players for the average player. It all depends on which company you get your server from, which is what we are going to talk about next.

Buy Minecraft Server / Rent A Minecraft Server

Finding the right servers to play on are very important. The server that you choose will need to rely on several factors, such as reliability and speed. Depending on the server you are using, multiplayer can either be a great new way to play, or dreadful.

If you rent a Minecraft server that isn’t very fast, you will experience plenty of lag. One of these low quality servers would make the game not very much fun at all, and then what would be the point of even playing? Lag can occur if a server is in a location that is far from you, increasing the duration of loading times. It can also occur if the server doesn’t have enough processing power to run the game, which is the most common explanation. For this reason, you need to rent a Minecraft server that can allow you to play quickly, no matter how many players are currently playing within the server’s limit.

You will also need to get a server that is dependable. If you plan on playing with the same people for awhile, it wouldn’t be enjoyable to try and log on one day only to find that the server had dumped your world. Having to restart after endless hours of playing would ruin the game for you and your friends.

There are many reasons to find quality servers, but this covers the basics. This is the reason that it is so important to find the highest quality servers out there, while still getting a reasonably cheap price.


Through our website, you can learn how to buy a Minecraft server. Also, you will see different servers side by side, which will allow you to compare them based off of quality and price. You can see how many players can be on your server, how much RAM is available, and even the available refund period! Use this website to your advantage so that you and your friends can find the best server out there for your intended purposes.

Find our top list of the cheapest minecraft hosting right here and get started today.


Minecraft Server Hosting UK

Where can you find the cheapest and best hosting in the UK?

Minecraft is now hugely popular in the UK – In fact, the UK is now the 2nd most popular location for playing Minecraft worldwide!

For those looking for cheap and reliable hosting in England or across Britain, we have put together a list of recommended hosts for you.

Our hosts and plans have been chosen across multiple price levels and feature points, offering a variety of choices. What you get is very reliable, good value shared hosting from anywhere from 7 to 17 Pounds. Nitrous Networks UK, Gameservers.com, and RedRanger round out our all-star list. Look closely and see what features you get. If you enjoy gaming with a headset and talking to your friends, then look at adding 10-slot voiceserver, which is great value. GameServers offers the perk of a free dedicated IP, which can be a great hassle-saving tool for quick connections.

All prices in GBP

Minecraft Server Hosts in UK, England, Scotland & Wales
Nitrous Networks
GameServersGameServers.com GameServersGameServers.com RedRanger
Iron Plan
£7.50/ month
Level 3 Plan
£7.18/ month
Level 4 Plan
£9.58/ month
30 Player Plan
RAM 768MB 768MB 1.0GB 768MB
Max. Players n/a 12 16 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day 5-day
  • Free Buycraft
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited HDD

There you go, our top list of best UK hosts.

Britain has always been a strong birthplace for great engineers, miners, and soldiers. Who can forget the famous Welsh coal miners or the British soldiers who fought in Europe? So the spirit of adventure, building and pioneering obviously runs deep in the British psyche, hence the overwhelming popularity of MC in UK.

If you are a Minecraft Host operating in the UK and you want to get recognised, please leave a comment on our¬†“Contact Page”