Can you really buy a Minecraft server for $5??

The answer is – Yes!! This month we review the most absolute dirt-cheap hosting plans and deals available to you. Now at this end of the price spectrum you’re not exactly going to host your own 500 person Minecraft Olympics – BUT what better way to get your hands dirty and dig into some awesome new worlds THAT YOU OWN … for a measly sum of 5 bucks and change! Five bucks is really pocket change, what better excuse to at least try your hand by renting your own server?

Check out our selection below, if you know of anyone offering better/cheaper plans, let us know!!

Absolute cheapest Minecraft plans – $5 per month value
Red Ranger
BeastNode TreePuncherTreepuncher
server offline :( Sheep Plan
$5.95/ month
Basic Plan
$4.95/ month
5-dollar Plan
$5.00/ month
Tree Puncher
RAM 256MB 384 256MB 300MB
Max. Players 6 12 4 5
Refund Guarantee 5-day 7-days 5-day 7-day
Add-ons included included includedFree Dedicated IP included

The list of hosts running plans at this low price level is small, but growing. What we have put together is a selection of our recommendations for reliable, good value shared hosting at the 5 dollar mark. Red Ranger, Beastnode,, TreePuncher,, Craftnode, and Servercraft round out our list. The new addition to our list is the fabulous new host CraftNode who are smashing prices and adding great value to what you can get at this price! To add to this, GameServers have recently dropped their prices, now offering 25% discount on all plans.

Indeed, if you’re looking to buy Minecraft hosting or rent a server then looking through our recommendations is a wise place to start your journey
We will be keeping this list updated. Please drop us a line and recommend some other plans or leave reviews!

Now get dirty and dig!

Get Minecraft, get busy

– Brian.


Let us help you find the cheapest hosting for your world!

We scour the net every week looking for updates… here are the latest additions to our database… if you can’t find what you are looking for don’t forget to check out our popular list of Cheap Servers under $10.

For around $10 a month you can get a decent amount of RAM, up to 768MB in some cases, and around 5-10 slots (for players). This is a good starting point, something to get you a real taste of what you can do when you’re the boss of your own server. Dive in and play around, and then when you’re in the mood for better server power or more hosting you can upgrade when you need to. Get a bit crazy and dig and then invite your friends to come dig around with you.

Cheap Minecraft server hosting – $10/month and under!
FragNETFragNET Multi-Minecraft
536 Plan
$13.10/ month
4-player Plan
$4.95/ month
ZSuper Host
Water Plan
$6.99/ month
Wolf Plan
$7.95/ month
RAM 536MB 256MB 512MB 512MB
Max. Players 12 4 6 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day n/a
Add-ons included included+Dedicated IP included included
Rating cheap!
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Premium hosting for Minecraft at budget prices… we separate the best from the rest

For around $40 a month, you can start to get some really great Minecraft hosting solutions. The difference between the cheap hosting and the premium hosting is all based on the total amount of RAM you get on your server, and the amount of maximum players you can have. These are inter-connected. More players = higher RAM requirement. If you start to get a little bit over-serious about your Minecraft, then you might want to look at dedicated servers. Take a look at the pick of the choices below

Minecraft Server Hosts under $40/month
FragNET Treepuncher Redstone
40 Player Plan $39.65/ month  36 Plan $36.00/ month  Adventure Tier $38.95/ month Level 7 Plan $34.95/ month  
RAM 2048MB n/a 3686MB 1792MB
Max. Players 40 36 80 28
Refund Guarantee n/a 7-day 48 hour 5-day
Add-ons included included included included

Apart from that, your features, support, add-ons, mods, voice enabled chat, etc, will all be the same across most of the Minecraft hosts. The real benefit of the $40 price mark is that at that level, you can start to build a really awesome Minecraft world and get a good community going, because generally you’ll be looking at having 30+ players on your server. This is the service to go for if you wanted to get your crew of 20+ engineers building the full scale replica of the Imperial Star Destroyer on your world! :) We have more reviews and comparisons coming up in the next few days/weeks :) If you want something cheaper, check out the best minecraft hosting servers for under $15/month here


At around $15 a month, you can get some really great value for your money. It is a good starting point to get a small server going, invite your friends, and play some small games. Don’t underestimate it though, with 8-10 players you can create some truly awesome worlds. The really surprising thing is that there are even plans going for under $10 a month! We will be putting together that list soon!

For now, check out this list of Minecraft servers all under $15/month

Minecraft Server Hosts under $15/month
Red RangerRedRanger GameServers
FragNETFragNET MossyCobble
Level 3 Plan
server offline
RedRanger Hosting
Level 4 Plan
$19.95/ month
Redstone Tier
$12.95/ month
FragNET1 Plan
$13.27/ month
Zombie Plan
$14.99/ month
RAM 768MB 1024 840MB 536MB 750MB
Max. Players 18 16 16 12 15
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day 48 hour n/a 7-day
Add-ons included included included included included

Good luck, keep sending us your feedback on how good your hosting plans are, and we will keep growing our list of the best Minecraft hosting servers on the net!

Look out for more of our lists,

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The Best Mid-Range Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosts for 2012…

Let’s compare the best choices this year, here’s the 4 that are easily the most popular for our blog readers

Minecraft Hosting Packages
FragNET Beastnode Redstone MossyCobble
More infoFragNET More info More info More infoMossy Cobble Hosting
RAM 1 GB  1 GB 840MB 756MB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 100MBit/s 100MBit/s
Max Players/Slots 1-25 1-30 1-16 1-10
Price (USD) $19.67/month $11.95/month $12.95/month $14.99/month

Want cheaper?

Click here for our review of the best minecraft server packages under $15

Meanwhile we are building on our complete list of servers, soon you can check out the entire list of more than 20 hosts, to compare the best hosts and see which plan is right for you. All the way from basic plans up to deluxe packages. More info coming soon.

What do you think? Who is your favourite Minecraft server host?



Finding the Right Minecraft Server Host

Looking to find a way to enjoy the fun of one of your favorite games in Minecraft multiplayer service?  The best option is definitely to try and find a server hosting company, instead of risking the headaches, meltdowns, and estranged friendships by trying to run a server all on your own. If you have decided to take the plunge and look for a server hosting company, you might feel a bit in the dark about where to start, or at least have questions on what you should look for. Here is an easy, no-headache way to find the perfect cheap Minecraft server hosting company you need.

To kick things off, we’ve done the research for you and found the cheapest hosting plans available today.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Options for Customer Support

While there are many varying types of price and size in packages for hosting companies, there are several tips to take into consideration to try and avoid getting a bum deal with a less than reputable Minecraft server host.Before going into anything, ask yourself which types of features and other specifications are most important, and which aspects you could do without. Some important features are more obvious than others: you should of course make sure that you are working with a company that has an excellent customer support reputation, whether through providing live phone lines for tech support, forums, and FAQ pages, among many other support vehicles. It is always important to feel like your concerns are quickly and effectively addressed, and that you are not just a number.

Pick a smart location

Another very important factor to keep in mind for a Minecraft server host is to know where in the world the company’s server is located. Huge differences in geography could lead to unexpected complications in gameplay. If your company is in another country, ping times can become excessively long, which in turn creates a lag time. It may seem like common sense, but the closer the company’s city, the better likelihood of having a great, successful Minecraft experience.

Pick a Price in Your Range

This also might sound like common sense, but it is still worth mentioning. Compare prices of Minecraft hosting companies, make sure the features you want are features that are listed, and try and read reviews for hosts as extensively as you can. The last thing you’d want is to be tied into a scam before it was too late to back out, so be smart about weighing your options.

Check Out Your Potential Options

Customer reviews and testimonials have listed these two servers as some of the best available. Maybe they could be perfect for you: offers a wide variety of plans, some being as cheap as $4.95 a month. Although they set a limit at 4 players, this is a great potential Minecraft dedicated server to look into, as it also provides 256 mb of memory and McMyAdmin, which is famous for being the most recommended, and most popular server control panel for the game.

If you keep your wits about you, and make sure to think about the traits and features that you need the most (or the least), you will discover just how many server hosting options are right for your, and will be guaranteed to have a positive experience in finding a server hosting company for your Minecraft multiplayer party. Which, best of all, ensures you will have a great time online with your friends. If you find yourself lost for hours in a game with your friends, you can consider your server hosting selection process a success.


The rapid success of Minecraft has given gamers everywhere a hunger to explore, whether that means creating space, breaking the rules of physics (what, you mean you don’t know how to fly?), or just good old fashioned killing of pixellated monsters. Because of its rapidly expanding popularity, multiplayer gameplay makes this ridiculously fun game even more enjoyable, but if you want to find and set up a server for the game, there are a couple hoops to jump through first. Here are some ideas on what you can do to fulfill your dreams and host your own online Minecraft multiplayer server.

Before you get started, you may want to consider checking out our 5 favourite minecraft hosting deals at the moment.

Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting

Hosting your own Minecraft server

While it seems like it would be easier and more common sense just to host your own Minecraft server on your PC, the process takes up a lot of space on bandwidth, RAM, and CPU. Even if you are blessed to have a strong CPU and enough RAM, you will likely hit another brick wall with your internet connection, in that it probably cannot handle the speed you need to let more than a few players on at a time. And nothing sucks the fun out of a computer game like lag time.

Choosing a Minecraft Hosting Service

But fear not, there are still plenty of options you can take for obtaining a Minecraft server- just use an already established Minecraft hosting service. The benefits here are almost too many to list- the server is built to handle a large amount of activity, uptime improvement, and the internet connections of many companies are extremely fast.

The large improvement on the quality of uptime, or the percentage of time that is spent online by the server, is one of the hugest perks of renting from an established server, as it would be completely different if you were running your own. In maintaining one’s own server, the host computer needs to be turned on and connected to the internet at all times, or else the server cannot be used. But what if you, the host, have an unsteady internet connection, or you have an old computer that is not known for a great performance track record? This could lead to overheating, which leads to stress, until everyone you were supposed to be enjoying Minecraft is walking on eggshells to keep from leading you and your computer into a total meltdown. Not the fun online party you envisioned, right?

In owning your own Minecraft server host, you also need to have a larger understanding on how to network computers than the average bear, and even then you still run the risk of facing some serious complications. With a company that is specifically dedicated to hosting these types of servers, you are guaranteed smooth gameplay on whatever day or time you choose, with near perfect uptimes, and perhaps best of all, you don’t need to give yourself a migraine studying complicated techniques on computer networking.

Although it might seem like the ‘American dream’ to be able to do everything you want on your own, in the case of cheap Minecraft server hosting, you will definitely be better off finding a company to do the hosting for you. Don’t fear the cost, many companies offer these kinds of services for cheap, and the options they provide are essential to having a good time having a Minecraft party with your friends. A Minecraft server hosting provider will give you a strong server whenever you want it, and best of all, it will ensure your peace of mind when gameplay comes around. Which will of course improve the fun of your gaming party, which will keep your friends at ease. So it ultimately boils down to: hire a good Minecraft dedicated server (or shared server), and keep your gamer friends.


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