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Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies in 2013

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies in 2013

Choosing the right hosting provider is an important step for game enthusiasts who want to host their own Minecraft environment. The search can be daunting, as it requires an exploration of pricing, server features, player slots and customer support. Amidst a number of companies offering hosting services for players, there are some definite standouts that can meet Minecraft gaming customers’ needs.

HostHorde (http://www.hosthorde.com)

HostHorde is an option those on a budget might consider, as the pricing is competitive. Packages begin at $7.95 per month, and while that is not the lowest monthly fee in the market for entry level plans, their Unlimited package is only $24.95 per month. Those who value the prospect of unlimited RAM, player slots, storage and bandwidth might be tempted by this package. The drawback to consider is the company’s live chat support being limited to specific Mountain Standard Time business hours. Otherwise, the support response time via trouble ticket is listed as one business day.

CubedHost (https://cubedhost.org/)

This company boasts name recognition with Minecraft players, access to Multicraft Control Panel, instant setup and 24/7 support. Additionally, they guarantee high quality, dependable HDDs and backups that run twice daily. Dedicated IPs are available with 1 GB plans and up, allowing access to the default port. Smaller plans, however, must run on shared IP addresses, meaning manual entry of the designated port number.

Packages begin at $3 per month for 256 MBs of RAM and 2 player slots. A plan with 4 GBs costs $64 per month. A full 8 GBs will cost a customer $108 per month. This company also offers full dedicated servers from $118 to $368 per month, depending on server specifications.

Beastnode (http://www.beastnode.com)

Beastnode aims to balance affordability with high quality, promising only high end Xeon servers and all SSDs in their server configurations. The company also provides DDoS mitigation and 24/7 support for customers. The website design is somewhat cluttered, though, and it can take some time to locate just the plan you want.

Packages are based on RAM, as is most common. Prices range from $4.49 to $51.95 per month, for 256 MBs to 4 GB.

Fragnet (http://www.fragnet.net/)

FragNet specializes in gaming servers of a wide variety, including Minecraft. All of their Minecraft server packages include a MySQL database, a dedicated IP and a subdomain. Their broad gaming technology experience and their emphasis on support give them an edge in quality, but Minecraft customers might miss the lack of dedication to their specific game.

The recommended beginning configuration is $15.84 per month for a 1 GB package. A plan with 4 GBs of RAM costs $59.40 per month. The company also offers plans with progressively more RAM, up to 12 GBs for $217.80 per month.

MCProHosting (https://mcprohosting.com/)

MCProHosting customers benefit from a selection of plans tiered by the number of recommended players, to help customers choose a plan with resources suitable for their needs. This design for plan selection aids in preventing overbuying, wherein a customer pays for resources that are not truly needed. One of the drawbacks with this company is the lack of a dedicated IP address, resulting in the need to enter the account’s designated port number.

There is a discount for paying in advance, and the company prides itself on its support. Plans begin at $2.50 per month for a recommended 5 players, and go up to $79.99 for unlimited players.

The best host for a Minecraft gaming environment will naturally depend on the customer’s specific needs. Common factors to consider include required player slots and customer support availability. For those building complex worlds that require more memory to run optimally, RAM is another crucial factor. Customers will then balance those needs with pricing considerations.


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