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Best Minecraft Server Hosting Packages under $15

At around $15 a month, you can get some really great value for your money. It is a good starting point to get a small server going, invite your friends, and play some small games. Don’t underestimate it though, with 8-10 players you can create some truly awesome worlds. The really surprising thing is that there are even plans going for under $10 a month! We will be putting together that list soon!

For now, check out this list of Minecraft servers all under $15/month

Minecraft Server Hosts under $15/month
Red RangerRedRanger GameServers
FragNETFragNET MossyCobble
Level 3 Plan
server offline
RedRanger Hosting
Level 4 Plan
[G4]/ month
Redstone Tier
$12.95/ month
FragNET1 Plan
$13.27/ month
Zombie Plan
$14.99/ month
RAM 768MB 1024 840MB 536MB 750MB
Max. Players 18 16 16 12 15
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day 48 hour n/a 7-day
Add-ons included included included included included

Good luck, keep sending us your feedback on how good your hosting plans are, and we will keep growing our list of the best Minecraft hosting servers on the net!

Look out for more of our lists,

Thanks, enjoying all your feedback 🙂

– Brian.

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  • Chris D March 10, 2012, 12:06 am

    Thanks – this is actually a really useful list for what I was looking for! Can you put together some more lists on different price ranges? I would love to compare more options if possible? Thanks dude.

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