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Best Minecraft Server Hosting providers under $40

Premium hosting for Minecraft at budget prices… we separate the best from the rest

For around $40 a month, you can start to get some really great Minecraft hosting solutions. The difference between the cheap hosting and the premium hosting is all based on the total amount of RAM you get on your server, and the amount of maximum players you can have. These are inter-connected. More players = higher RAM requirement. If you start to get a little bit over-serious about your Minecraft, then you might want to look at dedicated servers. Take a look at the pick of the choices below

Minecraft Server Hosts under $40/month
FragNET Treepuncher Redstone GameServersGameServers.com
40 Player Plan $39.65/ month  36 Plan $36.00/ month  Adventure Tier $38.95/ month Level 7 Plan $34.95/ month  
RAM 2048MB n/a 3686MB 1792MB
Max. Players 40 36 80 28
Refund Guarantee n/a 7-day 48 hour 5-day
Add-ons included included included included

Apart from that, your features, support, add-ons, mods, voice enabled chat, etc, will all be the same across most of the Minecraft hosts. The real benefit of the $40 price mark is that at that level, you can start to build a really awesome Minecraft world and get a good community going, because generally you’ll be looking at having 30+ players on your server. This is the service to go for if you wanted to get your crew of 20+ engineers building the full scale replica of the Imperial Star Destroyer on your world! 🙂 We have more reviews and comparisons coming up in the next few days/weeks 🙂 If you want something cheaper, check out the best minecraft hosting servers for under $15/month here

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