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Bukkit and Tekkit Minecraft Server Hosting

Bukkit and Tekkit: Expanding Possibilities

Having the platform and freedom to create any type of game environment imaginable is a tempting notion, and it is attainable by buying a Minecraft server or purchasing a hosting plan. The right server configuration affords a Minecraft administrator the means to fulfill a personal vision for how the game can be played. Hosting also gives the admin the resources of a data center, which means professional care of the server, guaranteed uptime and consistent connectivity. A quality hosting arrangement means ultimate control without the hassles or upkeep of a home server. When making server hosting decisions and preparing for setup, a few key considerations can smooth the way.

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Easy Management 



A control panel is one of the first things to consider when undertaking a server configuration. It makes Minecraft management fast and easy, taking the guesswork out of many administrative tasks. Plugin installation, user management and scheduled events such as restarts are handled with a few clicks. Control panels typically come standard in a Minecraft hosting package, but admins with home servers must obtain and install their own. Home server admins often must pay for the control panels, as well, depending on the needs of the desired system.

Deciding Between Vanilla, Bukkit and Tekkit

Host Shopping ConsiderationsThe original Minecraft server, often called Vanilla, is a good choice for those who prefer a classic experience with few modifications. Precautions such as whitelisting should be considered, however, as security is a common concern with players on Vanilla servers. For those who enjoy more features and plugins, Bukkit is the frequent choice when preparing for a Minecraft server setup. It allows admins to extend the boundaries of potential for worlds created in the game environment. Tekkit, the complex machinery mod pack, is generally the preferred server for those seeking an emphasis on building and engineering. Possibilities such as constructing oil refineries and nuclear reactors in a game environment bring many admins and players to Tekkit.

Having in mind the server version to run, an admin must begin the search for a host. Although many Minecraft hosts are increasingly adept with all popular versions, it is nonetheless worth investigating whether prospective hosts specialize in a particular version or offer support for the version in mind. To get an idea of the hosts’ capabilities, it is helpful to check their FAQ or Knowledgebase sections to see what they say about specific plugins and mods that are desired for the installation in mind. A host’s instructions can indicate how easy it will be to perform specific tasks that are required for a preferred server environment.

Also carefully compare the specifications and resources available on the various server plans offered by different hosts. The best deal when purchasing Minecraft server hosting is usually the one that provides a good value for the specific resources the admin anticipates will be needed. For example, if intended plugins and extras are known to require a specific amount of RAM to run optimally, then that resource is one to closely examine across hosts. Also keep in mind the number of player slots that are expected to be required. Some hosts impose slot limits per hosting plan, but other hosts only recommend player slot limits per plan.


Cheap Minecraft server hosting is certainly possible, but wise selections are also important when hoping to buy the best combination of resources. If shopping for more expensive plans because the budget is not a significant concern, it is nevertheless a good idea to review what customers can expect to get for the money. That is the best way to ensure the price tag is worth the resources and perks included. Specials, coupons and diligence can also help with the search for the best host to fulfill a specific gaming vision. Once setup and ready to go, the Minecraft server admin’s only real obstacle is imagination.

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