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Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting – $10 and under!

What are the cheapest Minecraft hosting packages on the net?

Updated for February 2013 –The most common thing that people who play Minecraft are looking for is a way to get a good quality server at a cheap price. Most of the existing ‘big name’ companies providing hosting charge big bucks, and most of them are only interested in talking about FPS games like Battlefield, CS, or Call Of Duty. So we thought we would head out there and shine the spotlight on some of the smaller companies out there who are doing really good work in providing cheaper hosting options while specialising in Minecraft servers. We are keeping a huge updated list of all the offerings available online, and making it easier for you to decide 🙂

The cheapest Minecraft hosting – under $10/month!
Red Ranger
Level 2 Plan
[G2]/ month
Level 2 Plan
offline 🙁
Dirt Plan
$8.44/ month
Sheep Plan
[BNsheep]/ month
RAM 512MB (dedicated) 512MB 600MB 384MB
Max. Players 8 12 10 12
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day n/a n/a
Add-ons included free dedicated IP included included included

This month we have added a newcomer to our list, Axelaris Hosting, who have been getting good feedback and offer servers in USA (Washington), Europe (France and Ireland) and also Africa.
Meanwhile our other top picks, Exodus HostingBeastnodeGameservers.com and Red Ranger are all really good choices for anyone looking to get in at the $10 level.

The surprising thing is that you can get some really good value for under $10 a month, it’s actually a great starting point to dive in and be in charge of your own games, to give yourself a taste for more.
The important thing to remember is that even for $10, you STILL get full customer service, add-ons (plugins like Bukkit), and other features.

Check out those ones for starters… our list is growing all the time, the price keeps dropping because there is so much competition amongst server hosts… it’s pretty awesome 🙂

Looking for more cheap hosting under $10? Check out part 2!!

Look out for more of our lists,

back later… I’ll be punching trees

– Brian.

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  • bigbaddog09 September 28, 2012, 12:53 am

    i would like you to do the same thing for $20 mine craft server hosting. a price comprising dependent on how many slots you want (aka max players). it would also be nice if you could tell us where the servers are hosted. thx 🙂

  • Rebekah April 22, 2013, 3:11 pm

    I’m looking for a recent list of inexpensive Server hosts, but can’t tell when this article was written/posted. Can you send me a link to some of your most recent reviews of Minecraft servers?


    • Brian April 24, 2013, 6:19 pm

      Hi Rebekah, as noted in the article above, the information was updated in February 2013,
      – Kind Regards, Brian

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