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CraftNode Hosting Review

Let’s check out the new plans from Craftnode

CraftNode Hosting is a fairly new name in the Minecraft world, in fact I think they have only been online for less than a year. A lot of the smaller hosts come and go, and for that reason I am often wary of recommending their services, but something about CraftNode has really grabbed my attention:

They have a 99% customer satisfaction rating

Which honestly seems ridiculous but when you look at it closer, it actually makes sense. They provide 24/7 support, and when they say that, they actually mean it. It is rare to find a host who lives up to all their promises, let alone hype. But CraftNode have actually demonstrated real commitment to their customers and look like they will be in it for the long haul! And for that, I can’t help but recommend them, and for that reason I wanted to put up this extended review.

But what about their prices and features?
Well this is where it gets even more interesting because they’ve actually blown the lid off prices and features of the standard Minecraft plan, so now you can get some SERIOUSLY good value at extremely low prices. And to top it off with a cherry, you’re getting DOUBLE the RAM you normally get. Let’s check it out starting with the standard plan around $10/month.

CraftNode Minecraft plans
Chicken Plan
[C2]/ month
Level 2 Plan
[G2]/ month
Cow Plan
$10.95/ month
RAM 1024MB 512MB 768MB
Max. Players 30 8 24
Refund Guarantee 5-day 5-day 5-day
Add-ons included Free Setup
included 24/7 Support
included TeamSpeak enabled
included Free Dedicated IP
included Free Website
included Daily Backups
included 5GB SSD Space
included Free Mumble
included Free Subdomain

Final Scores

CraftNode 92%  thumbsup  Winner

 84% thumbsdown 2nd Place

GameServers.com 76% thumbsdown 3rd Place

So we line all our ducks up and what do we get? 3 great plans at 3 very competitive prices from, to be brutally honest, 3 of the finest hosts currently in the game. But we can see that one of them, the newcomer CraftNode, clearly stands out.

In terms of value for money, CraftNode is clearly the winner, offering us the most RAM, the most slots, for a very competitive price.
Over on the Gameservers side we get a marginally cheaper plan, some slightly different features, but less RAM and fewer slots. Beastnode sits in the middle, but still doesn’t quite meet the value for money that we get with the CraftNode plan.


So it seems a bit of a toss up between what you want, in truth the best thing to do is to investigate (as we have done) look at the features that you want, think about what you need, and then weigh up the cost/value of getting things like true 24/7 support, Instant set-up, and fast ping times, and of course feel free to get in touch with the hosts we have mentioned, and see what they’re like for yourself 🙂 The reason we like to promote a lot of high quality smaller hosts is because you simply get a better service, they treat you well and give you ‘special treatment’ that makes it all the more worthwhile, plus you are getting good value for money and quality servers.

Well, that’s all there is to it, any questions feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment, please keep sending me your feedback as that is obviously really important as to how we put these articles together and calculate scores.

Best wishes to all!

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