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Dedicated vs Shared hosting

Online Gaming: Dedicated hosting vs. Shared hosting

If you are thinking of setting up a server for your personal use, there will come a time when you ask what the difference between getting a dedicated host versus shared hosting is. There are many ways to explain the difference, but most of the time the mumbo jumbo and sales-talk makes things hard to understand. The key points you have to remember between the two different hosting plan types is actually very simple.

Dedicated hosting means that you control the entire server. You are the only one that has access to the full power and speed that the server is capable of. The reason behind getting a dedicated host to run the game is to reduce the amount of lag that your players will encounter and also to give you more power to control game settings. The reason for this is that you will be the only person using the server, the CPU power, the RAM and the hard-disk. You have *exclusive access* to the server and hence you don’t have to share these resources with other people who are running a game on your server. This gives players a better gaming experience and in turn increases the amount of people that will be attracted to play on your server.

Shared hosting means that you have rights to the server, but you are not the only person that is using it. Think about a computer that is being shared among five people, everyone has the right to do what they want to on the computer. However, since five people are simultaneously using the computer, the speed and resource of the computer will have to be split among them. Although the price that you are paying for shared hosting is cheaper compared to a dedicated host, problems may arise if one of the people using the server is ‘hogging’ resources, making it harder for the other games to run smoothly.

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World and file security is something that is very important for most dedicated Minecrafters, and the minute that a server is griefed or hacked the server experience will start to spiral downhill. Having a dedicated server with direct operating system access can give you enhanced security. The significant difference between both types will be price. A dedicated host will be more expensive, but you have better security, and you will have the full power that the server is capable of. Shared hosting is cheaper, but since you are sharing the server, security may be a concern and you will be fighting for resources. Obviously shared hosting can differ from one provider to another, and on many of the higher quality shared hosts that have resource control you will often never notice that you are on a shared host.

Dedicated Server And Shared Server: Definition, Benefits, And Drawbacks

When setting up a web site or any other business on the Internet, an individual will need to select whether or not they ought to use a shared hosting or a dedicated hosting. These two types of web hosting propose unique benefits as well as cost considerations for clients.

A shared server basically hosts a variety of services on a single rack or computer. This machine uses a set of resources such as the power of the processor (CPU) and the bandwidth that are propagated around all the other web sites that are stored on the server. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows a customer to have all the data of their web site, Minecraft service, files, and more, on their own server. Since the resources of the server are not spread across a number of other small web sites, Minecraft games servers, file servers and more, a dedicated server has the ability to supply higher speed for the individuals who wish to log on to the server and play.

From a cost analysis point of view, using a shared server is a significantly more affordable option than employing a dedicated hosting provider is. Indeed, the cost of a shared server is based on providing access to many users at the same time, and maintaining a delicate balance between hosting too many services on one server and reducing performance, versus maximizing efficiency by cramming as many users as possible on the same server (within reason). Shared hosting is particularly interesting for startups since they typically have budget constraints. On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers more freedom, flexibility, and speed to the customer but requires a high investment amount. For instance, when hosting a game or application on the web through a dedicated server, a company shall be able to not only select the rules that all the game participants will be required to follow but also develop the administrative accounts for the server. Things such as the restrictions on the maximum speed can easily be a game changer when trying to draw users to play a video game on the Internet.

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