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Minecraft Server Hosting Directory

Directory Listing of all Minecraft Hosts

aka “The Big List”

While it’s not possible for us to list every single plan from every host on the front page, we endeavour to give everyone a chance to get their hosting service in the limelight. No servers too big or too small. Please shoot us a message in the comments box to get your server added! Thanks.

Last Updated 6th February 2013



NeonBacon is a new minecraft hosting company that has recently launched. We have dedicated resources to make sure our clients experience is a good one. We offer dedicated IPv4 addresses to all of our clients from the start, yes you don?t have to pay any extra.


CraftNode Hosting

Hi there,
We would like you to please visit our website. You will find our servers very affordable and we offer our clients great support!


Twizted Hosting was Founded in November of 2011 by Linus Ahlqvist. The idea was to get the better support and better prices a long with our own ideas to make the best hosting company out there, then drop the prices and now compared to any other Hosting Company, We offer better prices for Minecraft and dedicated servers.

We will soon have Both Voice servers and Web hosting, as soon as our customers feel that they need to have that little extra touch.


We have the some of the best hardware in the world and here is a good example of a server we own:

Intel Xeon Dual Hex-Core E5.2620 64GB DDR3 RAM 2x 128GB Samsung 830 Series SSD 1 Gbit uplink speed

This allows us to take one step further when it comes down to performance.


I would not lie when i tell you that our support is one of the best! We have our own plugin developers that can help you with almost everything that you need regarding plugins and we also have Technical support that are well experienced in both Minecraft And Servers. If you may need any help before purchasing a plan we will make sure that our support team will be online on the live Chat almost 24/7.

Thank you for choosing Twizted Hosting.


Hi my name is Robert and I have a hosting service called Minecraft Hosts and seek to get a listing on your site. Here is some details regarding my service. The follow is from the front page of the website:

About Us

Unlike other hosts, we specialize in Minecraft. Our servers come with Multicraft, a dedicated admin panel designed only for Minecraft. Furthermore, our number one priority is our customers. That is why respond to tickets 24/7. If you cant figure something out and its a Sunday, you can expect support from us. Additionally, we not only provide hosting support like most hosts, we provide Minecraft specific assistance which includes plugin support. We are run a successful production Minecraft server and can use our experience in setting up or assisting you. Again, Minecraft hostings is what we specialize in and our interest is for you to have a successful.

Services included with each server:

Unlimited (100 Slots ? 1-5 Reconmened/200 Slots for 4096MB Server)
8GB Disk Space
Dedicated IP Address (Affordable shared servers available)
Multicraft Admin Panel
FTP Access
10% Affiliate Commission

Pixel Host

I would like to be featured on your website! We offer 512MB of RAM for only $4.99/mo! We are an established company and have been running for over 6 months.

CTO/Founder of Pixel Host


Hi there,

We host Minecraft servers (as well as other game servers), and we would like to also be featured on this site, as we are cheaper, and more likely faster than all of the other hosting services you have listed. $5 a month for a 256mb server? We sell ours for $1. $5 can get you a 1gb server from our hosting site. So I think our company should also be listed on this site.

Some info:

We?ve been hosting game servers for over 3 years, giving us the edge when it comes to fulfilling your needs as a client. We aim to please our clients and not hurt their wallets in the process, which is the reason for our cheap pricing.

With any gameserver you order at PlugPayPlay you can get a Free 12 Slot Teamspeak 3 Server, Free Webhosting and Free Entry into our Christmas Competition to win an iPhone 5! We offer two Game Panels for Minecraft; TCAdmin and McMyAdmin coupled with Unlimited FTP Access. If that wasn?t enough to fufill your apetite then you can feast your eyes on our Unlimited Slots and Plugins and our amazing Price Promise. We promise to match or beat any price on Gameservers, ensuring the cheapest option will be PlugPayPlay.

We have services in the EU and the US, giving you a better choice depending on your location, the location can be selected when ordering. Our current location within the EU is London, UK. Within the US it?s Chicago. We are looking to expand further in the future. You can order your Minecraft Server straight away, here.

If you have any further enquires you can PM me, email me at?DaAwesomePwner@hotmail.com?or join us on Live Chat. If you?d like to order a test server, you can do so here.

Why are we so cheap?

The answer is this?
We believe in a slow steady growth that is stable and sustainable. We believe in making a profit not from the individual, but form the collective. We are able to use our economies of scale, the sheer quantity of powerful machines we own and our amazing connectivity which allows us to keep our costs to a minimum.

This coupled with new developments in game resource management allows us to host multiple instances in a stable environment. Will your server be overloaded? The answer is no. We maintain a peek performance rule where we do not load the CPU?s to more than 70% of their capacity to allow for spiking and other such occurrences.

We also limit the number of clients per hard drive as they are the biggest limiting factor of any current hardware build and the main reason why you experience poor registry aka ?lag?.
We are so confident in our network and performance that we even give a free test server on our most popular games.

Eas-E Hoster

I would like to have Eas-E Hoster added to your site?s listing. We offer 3 plans, 1GB for $6.95/Month, 2.5GB for $19.95/Month, and 4GB for $24.95.


Neuron Hosting

Neuron Hosting has been providing cheap and reliable services to over 800 clients for the last 7 months.

Neuron Hosting is a registered company, and are pending to become a corporation.

Pickle Hosting

We are glad to announce our Hosting Company, PickleHosting! We are a growing minecraft company that offers great services at affordable costs. We created this company with a goal, to be the cheapest and most reliable hosting company. We will always try and achieve this goal.

Any Coupons or Promotional Offers ATM?


What you get with EVERY Package?

  • Comes with bukkit,vanilla and Tekkit One click Installs.
  • Instant Plugin installation for over 28 Plugins for Bukkit
  • Multicraft control panel
  • FTP Access to your server
  • Ability to Change Player count at any time
  • Server location choice US or EU
  • Access to our support team around the Clock
  • Free Connect Mask e.g creepercraft.picklehosting.com
  • Instant Tekkit Installation

What about Tekkit?

Tekkit is so easy to install once you have your server. You just select from the dropdown what version of tekkit you want your server to be running. Start up your server and it?s done! No catch, that?s it.

So how?s our Support?

We?re certain our support is top notch, why is this you may ask. We ensure that no matter what the issue, it is resolved from Plugin permission issues to high CPU utilization we will correct it for you!

If you want to know what?s going on with the business closer and follow us closely, we now have twitter where everything is published from new features available to our customers to Minecraft Updates!

How long does it take to get my server?

As soon as your pay your server is installed, setup and you are emailed the details ready to go. Literally an Instant Setup. There?s no wait time for us to verify your payment or waiting for file installation since it?s all automated.

~Our Prices~

256MB RAM ? $3
512MB RAM ? $4.50
768MB RAM ? $8
1GB RAM ? $10
2GB RAM ? $20
3GB RAM ? $30
4GB RAM ? $40
6GB RAM ? $60

If your after a custom plan with > 6GB of ram send us an email at?sales@picklehosting.comand we?ll give you a discount as per discussion and quote.

Wait, about MySQL!

Well most providers give you one mysql database, realistically for your server if you?re doing it for maximum optimisation you?re going to have about 2-3 on average. So we now offer Web hosting packages, starting at $2.50 a month which gives you 5 databases! If you think you?re going to need more, we have other packages too at $5.00 and $7.50 which gives you UNLIMITED databases. Don?t forget, you can also host your site from this as well!

How can I be guaranteed!?

We are a fully registered business! Since our business has been registered in Australia we have strict guidelines to running our business which includes fair consume trade. Nothing is under the rug!! Any legal information and our ABN can be found on our website!

So What are you waiting for?

Come right away and sign up or speak to us on live chat at PickleHosting.com!

BukkitNode Hosting

Premium minecraft hosting
Have you ever wanted a minecraft server at a cheap price?
If yes then you have came to the right place
We offer minecraft servers at a price other host providers can?t beat

Key Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited slots on all packages
  • Burstable Ram
  • 24-7 Live Ticket And Skype Support
  • Automatic setup after purchase
  • FTP access from control Panel
  • Tekkit Support
  • Bukkit Support
  • Our Prices
Grass Package

  • Recommended Players : 6
  • Ram : 256MB
  • Price : $3.99 / Month
Stone Package

  • Recommended Players : 12
  • Ram : 512MB
  • Price : $6.99 / Month
Iron Package

  • Recommended Players : 24
  • Ram : 1GB
  • Price : $9.99 / Month
Gold Package

  • Recommended Players : 32
  • Ram : 1600MB
  • Price : $19.99 / Month
Lapis Package

  • Recommended Players : 48
  • Ram : 2500MB
  • Price : $29.99 / Month
Redstone Package

  • Recommended Players : 64
  • Ram : 3400MB
  • Price : $39.99 / Month
Diamond Package

  • Recommended Players : 86
  • Ram : 4200MB
  • Price : $49.99 / Month
Ender Package

  • Recommended Players : 125
  • Ram : 6000MB
  • Price : $74.99 / Month


I am a new-ish Minecraft server host and I offer a better price then all of the hosts on your front page. are smallest package is 256MB RAM(12 slots) for $5 wait you say how is this better, well since we use RAM Disk our clients can have upto 3x as many players as they could have on SSD.


Please Add my mine craft hosting service

Thanks – Josh J from Ease Host

MC Cube Hosting

Welcome to MCCube Hosting

We have worked night and day to come up with a simple and easy system for you to fulfil your hosting needs. We promise lag free 100% superb quality server hosting. Here are some of the reasons of why you should choose us.

Why are we different? We are directly connected with one of the biggest datacentre?s in the US. We get our dedicated servers directly from them and not anywhere else. Most hosts will go up a few plans, maybe to 100 slots at exaggerated prices, so that you will never need to get a VPS to host a large community.

Our host, like many other hosts believe in high quality support, many hosts claim to have ?24/7? support, we?re going to be truthful and tell you that is impossible. But we can provide almost 24/7 support .We have a support staff team that are definitely willing to help you, pretty much anytime of the day. Once you have signed up with us we assign you to a 2 man team that provides your support needs almost 24/7?;)

What you get

? Dedicated RAM
? Multicraft control panel
? FTP Access (Web based and Client)
? Dedicated IP
? Bukkit Support

Some more features

Custom Plans

need something bigger? Need a thousand slots? Bulk buy and save! Send in a support ticket and we will be happy to service your needs
2 day refund guarantee
if you feel our services to be insufficient, don?t wail and cry! Get a full refund, no questions asked.

Our Hardware (US NODE 1)
Intel Xeon Quad-Core Sandy Bridge E3-1270 @ 3.4ghz
? 16GB DDR3-1333 RAM
? 4x 500GB SATAII HDDs
? Hardware RAID 10
? 1Gbit Connection

Velocity Hosting

Hello, I would like my host to be added to your list.

  • Price: $5.95
  • RAM: 512mb
  • Max players: Any
  • Refund: 14 days
  • Add-ons: Any

We are a very reputable host working to offer the very best Minecraft experience possible for the lowest price.


G’day guys,
I’d greatly appreciate it if we could be listed in your database as Aussie providers.


Good luck, keep sending us your feedback and info on how good your hosting plans are, and we will keep growing our list of the best Minecraft hosting servers on the net!

Feel free to shoot me an email or just send through a comment in the box below

– Brian.

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