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Minecraft Hosting for $5? We review the CHEAPEST plans on the net

Can you really buy a Minecraft server for $5??

The answer is – Yes!! This month we review the most absolute dirt-cheap hosting plans and deals available to you. Now at this end of the price spectrum you’re not exactly going to host your own 500 person Minecraft Olympics – BUT what better way to get your hands dirty and dig into some awesome new worlds THAT YOU OWN … for a measly sum of 5 bucks and change! Five bucks is really pocket change, what better excuse to at least try your hand by renting your own server?

Check out our selection below, if you know of anyone offering better/cheaper plans, let us know!!

Absolute cheapest Minecraft plans – $5 per month value
Red Ranger
GameServersGameServers.com TreePuncherTreepuncher
server offline 🙁 Sheep Plan
[BNsheep]/ month
Basic Plan
[G1]/ month
5-dollar Plan
$5.00/ month
Tree Puncher
RAM 256MB 384 256MB 300MB
Max. Players 6 12 4 5
Refund Guarantee 5-day 7-days 5-day 7-day
Add-ons included included includedFree Dedicated IP included

The list of hosts running plans at this low price level is small, but growing. What we have put together is a selection of our recommendations for reliable, good value shared hosting at the 5 dollar mark. Red Ranger, Beastnode, Gameservers.com, TreePuncher, DaddyCheese.com, Craftnode, and Servercraft round out our list. The new addition to our list is the fabulous new host CraftNode who are smashing prices and adding great value to what you can get at this price! To add to this, GameServers have recently dropped their prices, now offering 25% discount on all plans.

Indeed, if you’re looking to buy Minecraft hosting or rent a server then looking through our recommendations is a wise place to start your journey
We will be keeping this list updated. Please drop us a line and recommend some other plans or leave reviews!

Now get dirty and dig!

Get Minecraft, get busy

– Brian.

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