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Minecraft Server Hosting – The Best Choices For 2012

The Best Mid-Range Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosts for 2012…

Let’s compare the best choices this year, here’s the 4 that are easily the most popular for our blog readers

Minecraft Hosting Packages
FragNET Beastnode Redstone MossyCobble
More infoFragNET More info More info More infoMossy Cobble Hosting
RAM 1 GB  1 GB 840MB 756MB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 100MBit/s 100MBit/s
Max Players/Slots 1-25 1-30 1-16 1-10
Price (USD) $19.67/month [BNspider]/month $12.95/month $14.99/month

Want cheaper?

Click here for our review of the best minecraft server packages under $15

Meanwhile we are building on our complete list of servers, soon you can check out the entire list of more than 20 hosts, to compare the best hosts and see which plan is right for you. All the way from basic plans up to deluxe packages. More info coming soon.

What do you think? Who is your favourite Minecraft server host?


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