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Minecraft Server Hosting UK

Where can you find the cheapest and best hosting in the UK?

Minecraft is now hugely popular in the UK – In fact, the UK is now the 2nd most popular location for playing Minecraft worldwide!

For those looking for cheap and reliable hosting in England or across Britain, we have put together a list of recommended hosts for you.

Our hosts and plans have been chosen across multiple price levels and feature points, offering a variety of choices. What you get is very reliable, good value shared hosting from anywhere from 7 to 17 Pounds. Nitrous Networks UK, Gameservers.com, and RedRanger round out our all-star list. Look closely and see what features you get. If you enjoy gaming with a headset and talking to your friends, then look at adding 10-slot voiceserver, which is great value. GameServers offers the perk of a free dedicated IP, which can be a great hassle-saving tool for quick connections.

All prices in GBP

Minecraft Server Hosts in UK, England, Scotland & Wales
Nitrous Networks
GameServersGameServers.com GameServersGameServers.com RedRanger
Iron Plan
£7.50/ month
Level 3 Plan
£7.18/ month
Level 4 Plan
£9.58/ month
30 Player Plan
RAM 768MB 768MB 1.0GB 768MB
Max. Players n/a 12 16 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day 5-day
  • Free Buycraft
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited HDD

There you go, our top list of best UK hosts.

Britain has always been a strong birthplace for great engineers, miners, and soldiers. Who can forget the famous Welsh coal miners or the British soldiers who fought in Europe? So the spirit of adventure, building and pioneering obviously runs deep in the British psyche, hence the overwhelming popularity of MC in UK.

If you are a Minecraft Host operating in the UK and you want to get recognised, please leave a comment on our “Contact Page”

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  • ninja85a July 17, 2014, 4:48 am

    are you being paid to say certain people because i know creeper host has services in uk why dont you include them

    • Brad October 14, 2014, 1:29 pm

      Yes they do have services in the UK, we are currently gathering an updated list of minecraft server hosts to review.

      To answer your other question, no we do not get paid by specific hosts to write reviews on them, we are host neutral and look out for getting the best info for consumers to make the decision of which server to get a bit easier.

      If you have any hosts you would like us to review specifically then shoot us a mail and I’ll look into it.

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