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Minecraft VPS

Minecraft VPS Hosting- Who has the best plans?

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What is Minecraft VPS? (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which is essentially a game server that is installed an set-up to operate Minecraft. (like all other Minecraft servers)

The main demand for VPS comes from more experienced and serious gamers who want all the power and control they get when they manage their own private server.

Buying your own VPS will give you the ability to install a control panel, Operating System, any plugins or add-ons and also the Minecraft server executable so that you can enjoy hours of smooth play-time.

As the owner/operator, you are also in control of managing the user list, limiting use and setting password access and bans on certain players.

Control Panel

Generally you will install either cPanel or Plesk on your VPS, these are popular and easy to use control panels for your server backend. You may even be familiar with cPanel as it is widely used and most popular GUI backend across web hosting and server hosting products.

High performance Hard Disk and RAM

Running on a VPS will generally give you access to better quality Hard Disk and RAM components than on a shared server. And on top of this you will also have dedicated access to your resources, rather than having other people sharing your disk space and RAM allocation.

The HDD (Hard Disk Drives) will be available in high speed SSD, RAM Disk, and SATA2/3 variants, which will let you game run at full pace.

On top of this you will have features like RAID5 and RAID10 which provide backup failover and redundancy, should one of your disks crash or have an error, then the system will instantly pick up and utilise one of the other disks in the array to give you a worry-free experience.


VPS have the option to be backed up on a regular basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about down time or the outcome of a system attack. Simply restore a backup and bring your world back online like nothing ever changed.


Secure Shell and Secure FTP allow you to hold an encrypted and totally secure connection to your VPS which lets you manage, upload files, and monitor status, while avoiding security intrusions.


When you buy a VPS for Minecraft, you will also be getting access to a custom built solution that you can tailor up or down to your needs.

Do you need more RAM for more players? Simply add more slices to your VPS. Because it’s not a physical server with a fixed list of specifications, the VPS can be upgraded or downgraded ‘on the fly’ to your needs.

Choose your Operating System and Platform

Choose your O/S when you build your VPS. You have choices of standard Linux or Windows, as well as many Linux variants like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.

Choose your platform from a variety of choices like OpenVZ, KVM, VMare, Xen, and Cloud platform.

What’s the difference in Platforms?

Let’s wrap up a summary of the main differences, as this is generally confusing for a lot of people.

First of all, the pricing is different, as Xen and Cloud solutions tend to be more expensive.

Let’s look at the features.


  • Disk resize : Up or Down
  • Upgrade without rebooting or downtime
  • Lowest Kernel Overhead
  • Linux only

KVM and Cloud

  • Disk resize: Increase only
  • Supports Windows and Linux O/S
  • True VM Isolation
  • Disk cache supported
  • Swap space supported

Platforms under the microscope

Let’s dig a bit deeper!


OpenVZ is an open Linux based virtualization platform which is based around the Linux Kernel. OpenVZ lets a physical server run multiple instances of isolated operating systems which are called ‘containers’. Note that OpenVZ can ONLY run Linux based O/S like CentOS, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

One of the key issues with OpenVZ is that users are not able to make any adjustments to the status of the kernel. All of the VMs have to speak the same ‘language’ with the kernel that they are hosted on.

However the overhead costs are also lower and hence it is considered an extremely lightweight, fast and slick choice over the more heavy featured alternatives.

KVM, Xen, and VMware

The following 3 alternatives are all very similar and hence we can consider them all to be in the same family of choices, because they all operate in a similar way. The main points of difference are not noticeable for the end user or the person operating the VM.

All of these choices provide true virtualization operation and are not shared on the host kernel or across other VMs.

On top of this, nearly any O/S can be installed and run on this platform.

What is Xen?

Xen is a virtualization platform that runs on Linux VPS. It is a technology that provides exceptionally strong security features, uptime, and resource isolation for VPS customers. Xen also provides a standard fixed set of memory and disk, (which is different to burst-memory abilities that come on a platform like OpenVZ )

When you get a Xen platform you are getting exactly what you paid for and you know exactly how it will run, what performance you will get, without any variation or room for error.

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