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Popular Minecraft Hosting for $20 or less

Best value and most popular $20 plans for Minecraft.

Hey amigo, if you want to get your hands dirty with some decent packages, $20 a month is just about the right amount to play with. Not only do you get enough RAM and enough slots for players, but you have enough grunt and value to really immerse yourself in some wicked worlds. If you have ever dreamed of building a Minecraft Eiffel Tower or constructing a replica of the Millenium Falcon, stone by stone, (or plank by plank) then you will want a least a dozen of your friends to get in there and build your awesome world.

New list update for 2013, off the list goes MultiMinecraft and we have updated it with the latest offering from GameServers – 20 players and over 1 GB of RAM for a little over $18/month. That is a pretty sweet deal especially if you get in on it with your friends, if each of you chips in maybe 3 or 4 bucks a month then you are ready to rock.

Get punching!

Popular Minecraft server hosting – $20 per month value plans
Kerplunc Gaming
MossyCobble GameServers
Gold Tier
$18.95/ month
Redstone Host
16-dollar Plan
$16.00/ month
Kerplunc Gaming
$19.99/ month
Level 5
[G5]/ month
RAM 1480MB n/a 1024MB 1280MB
Max. Players 32 16 30 20
Refund Guarantee 48hr 7-day 7-day 5-day
Add-ons included included included included
Now go dig!

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– Brian.

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