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Servercraft Hosting – How do their plans compare?

Servercraft.co hosting review

Servercraft has built a reputation as one of the big players in Minecraft hosting, dominating so much of the hosting space with their popular servers, advertising and high quality products. When it comes to Minecraft hosting, it is probably the first name that comes to mind, in fact if you do a Google search for anything related to MC the chances are you will come up with a Servercraft website or a BMH site, their influence extends very far and to most people Servercraft are synonymous with high quality gaming experiences and reliability.

But how do their plans compare against some of the lesser known hosts? Today, we find out.
Let’s start off by looking at some basic entry level plans under $10/month. We start off by comparing the plans to similar offerings from Gameservers and CraftNode

Servercraft.co Minecraft plans
Tier 1
$7.99/ month
Basic Plan
[G1]/ month
Egg Plan
[C1]/ month
RAM 300MB 256MB 512MB
Max. Players 5 4 18
Refund Guarantee n/a 5-day 5-day
Add-ons includedFTP Access
included24/7 Support
included Dedicated IP
included FREE Website
included Daily Backups
included 24/7 Support
included Free Setup

Final Scores

CraftNode 92%  thumbsup

GameServers.com 88% thumbsup

Servercraft.co 49% thumbsdown

We can see that we get a cheaper service with Gameservers, and CraftNode. That comes as no surprise, Servercraft charges a premium for their reputation and quality. But are you getting value for money?

If we look to the CraftNode plan which saves us an extra $2 per month, we get nearly DOUBLE the RAM and TRIPLE the players! Plus we get equally good 24/7 support as well as more features for our dollar!

Over on the Gameservers side we not only get the plan at almost half the price, but we get MORE features and almost the same amount of Slots and RAM… which more than makes up for the 1 less player and slightly less RAM that we receive.


In terms of value for money and features, it definitely would benefit the average Minecraft player looking for server hosting to shop around and see what sort of value is out there! As you can see by our article, we spent a bit of time looking over some similar plans and found not only huge cost savings but also more features and better performance!

Happy times and good luck to all.

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