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User Reviews of Minecraft Hosts

We surveyed our users to put together a community insight into some of the most popular Minecraft hosting options…


Site is easy to navigate. Has a fault transfer add on that not many sites have. Holds 40-45 people with 30+ plugins.

Sub users of Beastnode control panel do not have FTP access.

10/10 found Beastnode was had a quick response time to user issues and great friendly customer service.

9/10 users reported server ran smoothly with no lag time and does not crash.

10/10 said the server was great value for money

2/10 reported occasional connectivity issues and server downtime.


Trial server available. Plugin management support provided. No spam unlike some other hosts.

Stable server. No lag time reported.

10/10 users found host had very helpful and friendly and reliable support

10/10 reported no lag time

10/10 found set up time was very quick

10/10 found site was very good value for money

2/10 thought site slightly more expensive than other hosts but worth the price.


Add on support and FTP access to server. Pre set up Bukkit and Tekkit and canary servers. Pay per slot.

3/10 users found customer support unsatisfactory and slow response time to issues

1/10 reported incorrect order delivered

5/10 found site cheap and good value for money

2/10 reported good server performance and up time

1/10 experienced occasional connection issues


Moderate load of Bukkit plugins. No FTP access.

9/10 reported host provided good customer service and quick response time to issues.

1/10 found ticket time was too long

2/10 found Admin tools very useful

3/10 experienced downtime and lagging.

5/10 reported server performed well






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